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 What is Life Coaching?
A life coach guides,improves and empowers others  by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives. They help others to realise their own self-worth and provide them with support to reach their goals.

Life Coaching and Persian and Azeri language psychotherapy and counselling London United Kingdom

Private Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops


What you should expect from going to a Life Coaching session:
The first life coaching session will look to gain an overall perspective of someone's life.The life coach and client will agree goals that during sessions will be broken down into more achievable objectives.
It is then down to the individual to go away with the techniques they have been taught and work on what has been agreed. 
I will focus on what the client wants to change.
During the sessions I will change how someone looks at both themselves and the rest of the world and in time a more positive thought process will be developed.
It is the alteration of your thought process combined with the desire to change and challenge yourself that will allow you to ultimately achieve their goals.


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